Essential Oil Reflections

Metaphors for positive change



“Give me beauty in the inward soul and may the outer be at one.” – Socrates

During dark times, when you are in pain, struggling or feeling disheartened, gentle Myrtle with its air of beauty and purity brings comfort and an elemental return to the source.

To illuminate means to light up or to shine out and Myrtle brings the gift of seeing oneself in a new light. Like a shining beacon Myrtle touches the soul with a refreshing innocence, radiating the beauty of life.

When you are experiencing feelings of separation, use Myrtle as a reminder that we are all born connected. We are indeed, all of the one mind, the one heart, the one breath and the one consciousness.

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In the monastery of the fragrant flower Myrtle breathes its beautiful, soft fragrance into sacred space. Allow your daily life to become your temple by creating a sanctuary of beauty and peace.

Walk in your own beauty and be at one with all things. May there always be beauty around you, above you, below you and within you. Know that you are the gift who shines beauty and light out to others.

  • What brings beauty into your life?
  • How is beauty expressed?
  • Who showed you how to see and create beauty in the world?
  • How can you cultivate the beautiful?

Roman Chamomile


“Is it true that our destiny is to turn into light itself?” – Hafiz

Burdened by the demands of life? Feeling tense and uptight? Pay attention to contraction and expansion in your body and also of your inhalations and exhalations. Notice what your breath is doing!

When life has made you hard and indifferent, Roman Chamomile helps to remove the blocks that keep you rigid and inflexible. Learn to recognize when you are not relaxed. Become aware of when and where you hold tension in your body.

As you direct your breath into these areas you will notice a shift, as tension begins to melt away. Deep, focused breathing activates your vagus nerve enabling your body to receive messages of calm, peace and relaxation. It will also help you to create a conscious connection to relaxation.

Breathe… Breathe… Breathe!

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When you are fixated, agitated and emotionally out of whack, a massage with Roman Chamomile will help you chill out and move you through any internal obstructions you may harbour. What do you need to see, hear, feel and know to move you away from rigidity of thought and rigidity in the body?

Engage in exercise that makes you feel vital and strong to switch on your relaxation response more readily. Choose a fitness style that reflects the essence of who you are and move your physical body daily to connect you with the flow of life. Movement will also help you to develop greater flexibility in your thinking capacity and build emotional resilience.

Remember every day to take time out for yourself so that you can go the long distance. Honour your spirit and immerse yourself in and contemplate nature’s beauty. There is nothing quite like being in praise of slow! Living in the slow lane is one of life’s new luxuries. How slow can you go?

Whenever you feel stressed, pressed, compressed or depressed, take a moment to quiet your mind and focus only on your breath. Inhale Roman Chamomile to take you there or gently massage it over your solar plexus to help your nervous system to unbend, unwind and loosen up. Undertake regular relaxation regimes to keep your heart-light switched on.

Breathe… Breathe… Breathe! 

Direct your breath to your heart centre with the deepest and lightest of sighs, allowing yourself to soften and consciously listen for the song of relaxation that lives in your deeper heart.
At night, as you relax into the space that lights your heart, breathe deeply and imagine falling asleep cradled in the loving hand of God.

Breathe… Breathe… Breathe! 

  • Is there any place inside where you feel inflexible and rigid?
  • What has been frozen in time?
  • How does your behaviour change when you are not relaxed?
  • What activities make you feel the most relaxed? Do more of that!



“What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible. ” Theodore Roethke

The intense, radiant energy of Lemongrass inspires expansion on all levels. Whenever there is a sense of restriction or limitation in life, Lemongrass lifts the spirits and gets things moving again.

Lemongrass enables the mind to shift towards fascination about what is possible, encouraging you to embark on a glorious voyage of discovery. Imagine the circumference of your life experience expanding. If something has been achieved out in the wider world then know that it is possible for you to achieve it too.

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Change the patterns of your restrictions. Visualise having unlimited access to all that you require to expand your stance in life. Lemongrass motivates you to move beyond any limitations and opens the way for you to step into your best possible future. Live your dreams!

  • In what ways do you limit yourself?
  • When you think about your future what do you see, hear or feel wafting around inside you?
  • What would you truly love to do with your life?



“Let yourself be silently drawn by the pull of what you really love.” – Rumi

The patterns of your purpose are embedded deeply within you and truly recognising your purpose can be a transformational and evocative journey.

Peppermint assists in reconnecting you to your vital passion, whisking you away upon the winds of purpose. It focuses your desire to extend yourself as a driving force and brings your mind to a place of excellence and symmetry, propelling you forward and upward.

Icy, cool, stimulating Peppermint sustains the energy required to maintain an inner attention on your highest potential, bringing balance and focus to your own idea of purpose.

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Achievement of goals comes through specific focus management not time management. Being unfocused can turn you away from your bigger dream.

When you are living passionately on purpose, the direction of your life will change. Peppermint assists in the digestion of the idea of living a life that is purposefully on track. It is time to love what you do and do what you love. Feel the pull of your purpose resonating through your being as a passionate heartbeat.

  • In what areas of your life do you need greater focus?
  • What is your purpose?
  • How do you envision your future?
  • What choices can you make daily to support your deepest passions?
How to work with The Essential Oil Reflections
How to work with The Essential Oil Reflections