I truly loved my week in Bali with you all.  I didn’t know what to expect but whatever it was, it was well exceeded!  I left with a lighter brighter heart and insights in to life, love and the whole darn thing!

Carmel MacPherson

I went to Bali on a whim, hoping for lots of pampering and some new experiences.  What I didn’t realize was that my heart and soul would be pampered as much as my body.  I now look at life differently.  Every woman should have this experience.

Rose petal
Belinda Howard Marton

Seeing the world with Robbi and Jim is a revelation.  My tours to Spain and Turkey were superb in every way and beautifully organised by two extraordinary people.  A thousand thanks to you both for making so many of us who travel with you very happy!

Rose petal
Susan Troxell

Thank you for the experience of a lifetime.  The lavender fields were a dream come true and sharing it with such wonderful people made the dream deeply heartfelt.  This was so much more than most tours provide.

Ping Frangipani
Dawn Adams