It was such a joy to recently re-experience AK1 –  The Path of Beauty –  after 18 years.  Robbi your passion for this work is inspiring. Your caring, gentle facilitation enables everyone to feel comfortable and at ease.   I loved being part of this beautiful group of women exploring with each other the value and direction of our own lives through the use of Essential Oils and their Reflections.  Your book “The Blossoming Heart” in which you share your understanding, experience, and wisdom of the oils and their relationship to emotions, provides insights for healing and transformation.  Having recently retired from another field of work, I am enjoying reconnecting with the oils and finding creative ways to use them on a daily basis. With much Gratitude,

Rose petal
Helen Baxter

It has been a  privilege to learn and develop with you and I will hold these learnings dear to my heart throughout my life.  You seem to instinctively know what it is that people need to flourish and thrive under your nurturing light. This course felt like a natural progression in my life and helped set me on my life’s journey.  I will always treasure what I have learnt and experienced.

Anna Truda

Thank you from my heart for the gift of your time, the joy of learning new ways to live in the world and most of all for the love you lavished on all of us. You are an inspiration.

Rose petal
Dianne Gibson

Words cannot say how you have changed my life. I will forever be grateful.

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Lynn Bartczak

This is a wonderful modality which will complement any healing or coaching practice. I recommend it not only to healers but to those who are ready to explore the next stage of their spiritual journey.

Michelle Chant

A wonderful workshop. Whether you are looking for techniques to help your clients or seeking a fuller and happier life for yourself, The Path of Stillness will take you there.  Robbi is a world-class teacher who generously shares very simple and effective kinesiology testing techniques in relation to the mood enhancing and emotional properties of essential oils.

Jean Callanan

Thank you for bringing so much love into this world. These workshops have changed my life and in doing so, have enabled me to bring love to others.

Rose petal
Lorraine Gardiner

I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful modality that speaks from the heart for all. Years ago I asked that all healing for myself take place with elegance, grace and ease. This method gives that for my clients as well. You have made such a difference in my life. Thank you.

Ping Frangipani
Cathy Gordichuk

I truly loved my week in Bali with you all.  I didn’t know what to expect but whatever it was, it was well exceeded!  I left with a lighter brighter heart and insights in to life, love and the whole darn thing!

Carmel MacPherson

I went to Bali on a whim, hoping for lots of pampering and some new experiences.  What I didn’t realize was that my heart and soul would be pampered as much as my body.  I now look at life differently.  Every woman should have this experience.

Rose petal
Belinda Howard Marton