“I am now ready to welcome abundance into my life on all levels and I am also enjoying a much deeper level of Self-compassion. I move forward with great anticipation and approach each new day with gratitude and a wish for all to experience joy in any way they can. As humanity awakens, it is facilitators like Robbi who lead the way in making us aware of our potential for greatness and grace. Thank you Robbi for the role you have played in my future.”

Ping Frangipani
Elise Balcombe, Counsellor, VIC

“I cannot over-estimate the value of this unique workshop on every level, from business to personal. Robbi, your skill and wisdom as a presenter and facilitator shone brightly throughout Spirit in Practice. Within days of returning I have acted on many of my insights and my business has responded in positive ways. I would recommend Spirit in Practice to anyone who is serious about knowing themselves and their business better. Thank you.”

Dallys Baker , Life Coach, ACT

“A thoroughly enjoyable and personally transforming course presented with honesty and integrity. It really helped me to reconnect with my purpose for doing what I deeply want to do. The interpersonal skills would help anyone in business communicate effectively and build a practice that truly reflects his or her Spirit in Practice. ”

Ylang ylang
Gordon Dickson, Founder Counselling Kinesiology Australia, QLD

“I have attended many seminars and workshops over the years but none as unique and challenging as Spirit in Practice. Incorporating concepts of personal transformation and growth, with pragmatic methodology, I believe that anyone working with a modality that has healing as its core, would benefit immensely from this seminar. Thank you Robbi, for your generosity, warmth and willingness to share all that you know. “

Sylvia , Aromatherapist, NSW

“I was wonderfully impressed with the course content, the delivery and the areas covered. You really are an inspiration and one of the greatest teachers and presenters I have seen. You have set a new benchmark! ”

Ylang ylang
Melinda Williams, Kinesiologist, NSW

Ylang ylang



Aromatic Kinesiology came at exactly the right time for me. I am much more positive and have made some powerful changes in my life. I can also support others through all the tools I learned at  the workshop. This work has had an impact on my relationships with friends and family already.

Rose petal

A truly awakening experience enabling me to rekindle my beautiful heart energy in such an empathetic way, in a caring and safe environment.

Rose petal
Jane Brodison