Bali Women's Retreat

Nourishing. Restoring. Aligning.
A light to spark your heart.


Be with your own essential spirit, focus on emotional renewal. Discover new ways of bringing richness & splendour to
… your relationships
… your hopes
… your aspirations.

Our beautiful retreat offers simple reminders to nourish yourself on a daily basis and how to implement self-care regularly. The retreat is also a place where you can meet yourself with tenderness and grace, deeply feel your own beauty from the inside out and be truly at home in yourself.


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    Aromatic facials
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    Gentle yoga
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    Delicious food
  • null
    Incredible massages
  • null
    Balinese cooking class
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    Heart-centred processes
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    Sumptuous nurture gift pack
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    Time for personal reflection
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    Connecting with other women on a similar journey
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    Implementing self-care and wellness strategies
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    Stress reduction tips
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    Create beautiful flower offerings
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    Explore the nature of nurture in everyday life

The ultimate re-treat week


Our serene and beautiful retreat is located far from the busyness of everyday life in the cool tranquil hills of the vibrant artist’s village of Ubud. Our accommodation is at a delightful family-owned hotel set amongst lush rice paddies with beautiful vistas, an exquisite garden setting, wonderful friendly hosts and a natural spring-water swimming pool.

I welcome you here with all my heart


After living in Bali for a time in 1975 I have always been touched by the gentle spirit of the Balinese people with their beaming smiles and bottomless giving. I simply adore them! 

I consider Bali my spiritual home and no matter where I am in the world, it touches me deeply in the quiet of my heart. 

In Bali thousands of flower offerings are made to the Gods every day. 

The Balinese believe that the sweeter the flowers, the more quickly their prayers reach heaven.  

Bali is beauty, devotion, simplicity, kind people, amazing food, warm air, epic sunsets, beautiful temples, fragrant flowers, green rice paddies, sandalwood, tuberose, ylang ylang and overflowing with love and caring.

Our retreat creates a nurturing environment that celebrates life and offers pampering as well as an opportunity to meet yourself with tenderness and grace. 

Consider the retreat as an act of self-care, where you can remember yourself, take a quiet pause, nourish your woman spirit and turn inward to listen to your heart’s desire. 

Additional Retreat Information

  • Twin-share accommodation
  • Most meals
  • Gentle yoga classes
  • Cooking class in a Balinese home
  • 90-minute Deluxe Spa treatment with a Mandi Lalur massage, scrub, flower bath
  • Inspirational flower meditations, mindfulness practices, guided visualizations
  • Water purification blessing with a high priestess
  • Relaxing botanical facial
  • Create flower offerings with the beautiful Balinese ladies
  • Nurturing pamper pack
  • Transport
  • The services of Robbi Zeck and her assistant during the retreat

Day 1
Rendezvous at our hotel in Ubud. Relax and settle in. Our hotel offers peaceful surroundings, privacy, a natural spring-water swimming pool and a friendly family atmosphere set amidst beautifully landscaped gardens and rice paddies. With a 6pm orientation at the hotel, our Women’s Retreat program begins with an overview of our week together, a pampering gift pack and a welcome dinner overlooking the lantern-lit lotus pond.

Day 2
Enliven the body, mind and spirit with gentle yoga and relaxation in the Pavilion, overlooking the beauty of lush terraced rice fields. Breakfast at the lotus pond restaurant. Women’s Retreat program begins. Getting to know one another. Balinese culture exemplifies art and beauty and we explore the environments that enhance the connection to our inner gifts and talents. We look at the significance of sanctuary and creating sacred space. We invoke and celebrate the beauty of our creative endeavours.

After lunch at the hotel, we will indulge in a 2 hour traditional Balinese Mandi Lalur massage. This is Balinese spa heaven at one of Bali’s first authentic healing spas. Enjoy a full body massage, followed by a herbal and sandalwood skin exfoliation, a yoghurt cream splash and then a blissful soak in a warm, flower strewn bath, while sipping a ginger or lemongrass tea. Dinner at a restaurant famous for its wonderful Ayurvedic-inspired cuisine, its beautiful, smiling staff and one of the best views in Bali.

Day 3

Enliven the body, mind and spirit with gentle yoga and relaxation. Breakfast by the lotus pond. Women’s Retreat program continues. Detox guide: Simple cleansing and purification rituals and recipes. Connecting to the rhythms of your wellness. Vision and creativity process. The cycles and rhythms of life that give shape to our journeys, the stories that sow the seeds for a blossoming life and the healing power of your story. Lunch at the hotel.

Time at your leisure to explore the village, watch local artists weaving and painting, meander through the rice paddies or visit the Neka art museum for an insight into the culture and traditions of Balinese life. Optional evening dance performance and gamelan music under the stars at Ubud Palace. Dinner at a lovely restaurant to the musical sounds of the Salsa band.

Day 4

Breakfast by the lotus pond. Guided walk through the village market followed by a Balinese cooking class held in the lush tropical gardens of our hosts. The class provides much more than culinary skills. This is a rich, cultural insight into Balinese life and beliefs through learning about food, cooking and culinary myths. Our four hour class concludes with a banquet lunch that we have prepared together.

Time for sight seeing, shopping, a swim in the goddess pool and a nap! Dinner at our hotel. Women’s Retreat program continues with an evening relaxation session with Robbi.

Day 5

Enliven the body, mind and spirit with gentle yoga and relaxation. Breakfast by the lotus pond. Women’s Retreat program continues. Meditation as nourishment. Understanding the importance of having rituals in our everyday life. Balinese rituals and ceremonies. Lunch at the hotel.

Nurturing your creative spirit and the beauty of creation. The significance of the blessing or prayer ceremony using flowers, rice and holy water. Offerings in Balinese daily life. We learn to prepare our own holy water and then partake in a blessing ceremony. Our beautiful Balinese friends Ni Made Marni, Yani and Wayan teach us how to make Balinese offerings. Afterwards, they join us in a celebratory circle dance. Dinner at your leisure at one of the many fantastic restaurants in Ubud.

Day 6

Optional early morning guided walk through lush rice paddies and charming villages to meet the locals and experience Balinese village life. Late breakfast at our hotel.

A pampering, rejuvenating afternoon indulging in aromatic facials with local plant extracts. Time for shopping and a meander through the colourful streets on the way home. Dinner at beautiful restaurant providing a culinary experience second to none, in an absolutely exquisite setting. Pleasure for all the senses!

Day 7
Enliven the body, mind and spirit with gentle yoga and relaxation. Women’s Retreat program continues. Opening to the sacred spaces within where we can connect with our own sense of beauty. The art of gratitude. Honouring the quiet, restorative place inside of ourselves. Offering the gift of celebrating and recognising beauty in others.

After a late breakfast by the lotus pond we visit a Balian, a traditional Balinese healer in a nearby village. Our Balian, is a prince, a direct descendant of the Balinese royal family of Ubud and one the most wise and respected healers in Bali. He is highly revered for his knowledge of medicinal plants and their healing qualities. We will spend several hours experiencing his treatments, energy healing and detoxifying regimes.

Late lunch and leisure time in Ubud. Wonderful farewell dinner at our hotel.

Day 8
Nourish the body, mind and spirit with a gentle sleep and a leisurely pack. Final retreat process and celebration breakfast at a panoramic cafe in Ubud. Fond farewells.

Noon check out time from our lovely oasis unless you have previously arranged for a late check-out. Departure for home or continue to enjoy the many delights that Bali has to offer.

Important Notes

  1. We suggest that when you are making your travel arrangements,  consider taking a few days to relax and unwind at the beach before or after the Retreat in Ubud. We are happy to assist you with hotel suggestions.
  2. For guests who have an evening departure on the last day of the Retreat, it may be possible to organise a late check out with the hotel. Please note that this option is not included in the price of the Retreat.
  3. When departing from Bali, it is best to allow 4 hours travel and check in time –  2 hours to travel from Ubud to the airport as there are often ceremonies on the road which may impede your journey and another 2 hours to allow for check in prior to departure.
Our hotel is located in the incredibly beautiful surrounds of Ubud, Bali. It has delightful one or two storey bungalows, all with private facilities and veranda or terrace views. An open-air restaurant offering delicious cuisine, several spring-water swimming pools, the wonderful hotel temple and the friendly staff add to the calming ambience of this beautiful, family-owned hotel.
Accommodation for Two
If you are joining the retreat and coming without a friend, you can share with another woman attending the retreat in a room that has twin beds. We will put you in touch before you meet in Bali so you
can get to know one another before arriving.
Accommodation just for You
If you wish to have a room on your own there is an additional cost to your retreat of AUD 490. Many women do choose this option so they can be totally nurtured and enjoy their own space during the retreat.
What you Receive
Retreat daily program, workbook, yoga sessions, traditional Mandi Lalur spa treatment, Balinese cooking class, Offering class, aromatic flower facial, visit to a Balinese spiritual healer, beautiful sarong, nurturing pamper pack, all breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners, transport to and from group activities and the services of Robbi and her assistant throughout the retreat.
Transport to the Hotel
Once you have made your booking we can arrange transport on your behalf to be met at the airport. Please note that transfers are not included in the retreat price.
Many women like to arrive a few days early and chill out at the beach. With your first information pack we make some suggestions as to where you can go to wind down or recover from jetlag if you are coming from afar. It is very easy to book transport at your beachside hotel to bring you to Ubud.
What to Pack
Casual, relaxed clothing is most suitable for this trip and remember to pack comfortable walking sandals as there are many opportunities for walking and taking in the sights. Bali has wonderful tropical, balmy weather so remember to pack your swimwear. Sarongs, casual tops, loose shorts and trousers, a light weight cotton jumper for the evenings, cotton shirts, are good things to pack. There is plenty of everything to buy if something is forgotten.
One month before the Retreat
We will send you a welcome letter reminding you of what to bring and also some aspects of your life to be thinking about before your arrival. At this time you will also receive the daily itinerary again and our guest list.
Getting to Bali
Denpasar is your destination when booking your flights to and from Bali. As many of you are coming from all over the world we are unable to suggest which airline is best for you. However, if you are coming from other countries other than Australia and New Zealand please contact us and we can make some flight path suggestions for you.
Visas are no longer required for entry into Bali for most countries. Your visa free entry allows for a 30 day stay.
Travel Insurance is highly advised for joining the retreat and is part of our booking conditions. You will need to investigate your insurance options to find a plan that is best for you. Medical treatment is extremely expensive for travellers in Bali.
Health and Wellbeing
Please ask your doctor for relevant health travel advice.
Retreat booking fee

A booking fee of $500 Australian dollars per person is required to secure your booking for the retreat which is non-refundable.

Accommodation Options
If you are travelling solo and request shared room accommodation we will find you a lovely woman to share with for the week.

If you wish a private room there is an additional fee of AUD $490

Balance of payment
We require the balance of payment for your booked tour(s) no later than 90 days prior to the tour date to confirm your booking.

Late bookings
Bookings made less than 90 days before the tour date will only be confirmed if full payment is received or by special arrangement.

All participants must take out a travel insurance package to adequately cover unforeseen circumstances. The policy should cover personal accident and sickness, accidental loss of baggage and money, loss of booking fee, payment or cancellation fees and curtailment expenses. Kindly note that you will be required to send a signed copy of your insurance policy before the retreat begins.

The tour(s) does not include airfares, passport or visa fees, taxes, travel and health insurance, telephone expenses, excess baggage charges and services not listed in the final itinerary and all items of a personal nature.

Booking transfer policy
Up to 120 days before the booked tour date you may transfer your reservation to another one of our tours with a credit according to the payments you have made, less any non-recoverable costs we have incurred on your behalf.

Booking refund policy
If it is necessary to cancel your tour booking the following refund schedule applies:-

Up to 120 days prior to the tour date: booking fee forfeit, 85% refund of balance payments received.
119 – 90 days prior to the tour date: booking fee forfeit, 70% refund of balance payments received.
89 – 60 days prior to tour date: booking fee forfeit, 50% refund of balance payments received.
59 – 30 days prior to the tour date: booking fee forfeit, 25% refund of balance payments received.

Less than 30 days: no refund available.

Tour cancellation policy
Aroma Tours reserves the right to cancel any tour in which case no liability shall fall upon Aroma Tours. In this instance, participants’ payments will be refunded in full. No refund will be issued to those failing to join their tour, nor for accommodation or any services not utilized, nor for a partially completed tour. Aroma Tours also reserves the right to decline to accept or retain any person as a member of the tour at its own discretion.

Loss or damage
Aroma Tours does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to your luggage or personal property, nor for any loss, damage, delay, illness, fatality or other injury suffered. Baggage and personal effects are at the participant’s risk at all times.

Injury or illness
Participants agree that in the case of injury or illness Aroma Tours can, at a cost to the participant, typically through their travel insurance company, arrange medical treatment and emergency evacuation service, as Aroma Tours deem essential for the participant’s safety.

Changes to itineraries
Aroma Tours reserves the right to amend or vary the itinerary or other services nominated in the tour brochure should circumstances warrant that such changes would be in the best interest of participants or any other operational reason.

Exchange rates and taxes
To reflect significant fluctuations in exchange rates or the imposition of new government taxes that impact on the cost of providing its services, Aroma Tours reserves the right to adjust prices as may be necessary at any time. However, once a booking fee has been paid and a booking has been confirmed, the price payable will be limited to the price set by our annual price review in mid-August for the following year’s tour season. Bookings made prior to this review date will be subject to any price changes resulting from this annual price review.

Independent suppliers
Aroma Tours shall be in no part held liable for any acts, omissions, failures, or defaults on part of the persons or companies who at the request of Aroma Tours provide transport, accommodation orsimilar services or facilities. Also Aroma Tours does not own or manage any transportation vehicles, hotels, or restaurants or any other supplier thereof.

By accepting these terms you agree that neither Aroma Tours nor any repr esentative shall be liable or under any obligation for any loss, injury or damage to you or your belongings or otherwise in connection with any accommodations, transportation or other services of directly or indirectly resulting from any circumstances beyond its/their control including, but not limited to, breakdown in equipment, strikes, theft, delay, hijacking, act or threat of war (whether declared or not), riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, discharge dispersal, release or escape of pollutants, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, sickness, bad weather, technical or transportation problems, closure of stations or airports, cancellations or changes of schedules by railways, air or bus lines or any other circumstances beyond Aroma Tours’ control amounting to force majeure and/or Act of God.

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Bali Women’s Retreat Sold Out

Our beautiful retreat offers simple reminders to nourish yourself on a daily basis and how to implement self-care regularly ...
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Bali Women’s Retreat Sold Out

Our beautiful retreat offers simple reminders to nourish yourself on a daily basis and how to implement self-care regularly ...
16 - 23 Sep
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