Aromatic Kinesiology®

Experience the Aromatic Heartwork that Inspires Transformation

Aromatic Kinesiology®

Experience the Aromatic Heartwork that Inspires Transformation

Connect. Flourish. Shine.


Aromatic Kinesiology® is an empowering system of energetic medicine, developed over 30 years by Robbi Zeck ND that blends the harmonizing influences of essential oils with gentle healing techniques to balance the emotions, transform stress and create wellbeing.





Learn to reframe emotional issues with simple, yet effective techniques to create balance and harmony in your life. Release patterns that no longer serve you and experience the fullness of a wholehearted way of living.





Rekindle your inherent gifts and unique skills. Set them in motion using The Essential Oil Reflections as a pathway to forward focused living. Implement nourishing self-care practices, be emotionally renewed and revitalised.





Explore Aroma Therapeutics from an emotional perspective. When emotions are harmonised with the effects of essential oils, focused intention and genuine heart, the body gently responds, aligns and restores.


Aromatic Kinesiology® is a gentle, yet powerful healing journey of personal renewal that will enhance the spirit, look and feel of your life, using essential oils as potent aromatic anchors, to restore balance and facilitate positive change.

Aromatic Kinesiology® synthesizes concepts from many systems of healing, including psychology, Indian chakra and Chinese five element systems, aromatherapy and affirmations and uses kinesiology muscle testing as a biofeedback tool, to assist in reframing emotional issues and transforming patterns of limitation.

When emotions are harmonised with the effects of essential oils strong intention and genuine heart, the body gently responds as it was designed to be – a self-restoring network.

Deeply layered over each workshop experience is a clear pathway for understanding how to integrate essential oils into your daily life for your emotional care. Regular aromatic anchoring at the emotional level can lead to lasting positive life changes.

  • Exploration of the way of the heart through the art of quiet reflection
  • How to use The Blossoming Heart book as a guide
  • The Essential Oil Reflections and forward focused living
  • Using the Aromatic Emotional Barometer chart
  • Tools for transformation and release of unwanted habits
  • Goal setting linked to aromatic anchoring, affirmations and guided imagery
  • Acupuncture point reflexes, emotions and their effect on meridians
  • How essential oils can enhance meridian flow, allowing the body to function optimally
  • Activation of emotional stress reflexes to release physical, mental and emotional congestion in the body
  • Emotions and how they impact skin conditions
  • Beautiful aromatic meditations
  • Muscle testing as a window to the subconcsious
  • Creating massage and emotional stress relief blends using muscle testing

The skills you will learn during these workshops are equally applicable to yourself, your family, friends and clients and will empower you to use essential oils effectively to influence your physical health, your state of mind and your connection to spirit.

These beautiful workshops are for anyone ready to explore the next stage of their journey. Here you can take a delicious dive into yourself, connect deeply to your core and refine how you are currently tracking in your life. Each workshop also helps you to get clear on what is most dear to your heart and discover what your unique offering is to the world.

It is mostly women who are drawn to attend Aromatic Kinesiology®  workshops. Many have changed their destiny as they explored the powers of scent and its ability to transform emotional states. Confidence blossoms when you find your authentic voice!

The answer is a resounding no! This beautiful work of the heart has assisted hundreds of people to step into their dreams and live a life purposefully on track. Aromatic Kinesiology is for anyone with a keen interest in being the best possible version of themselves.

  • Feel more positive, more often
  • Have more confidence and improve your self-esteem
  • Develop emotional resilience
  • Process emotions more easily
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Align with your heart’s desires
  • Make better decisions
  • Experience greater joy and contentment
  • Have more energy and vitality for life
  • Honour your unique expression
  • Add value to your client’s experience with a gentle approach to stress management
  • Incorporate the use of essential oils to enhance the effects of traditional counselling
  • Discover how to use essential oils in a creative way supporting your client’s emotional wellbeing in every session
  • Develop a foundation for integrating aromatherapy with the wisdom of the heart
  • Use essential oils to restore balance, facilitate change and release unresolved stress
  • Have a strong framework for blending holistic aromatherapy with kinesiology, TCM, emotional clearing and stress release techniques
  • Learn how to use the Aromatic Kinesiology® System within the context of a consultation

Everybody learns differently and this concept is infused into each of these beautiful and heartfelt seminars. Inspiring lectures, captivating stories and music, comprehensive manuals, wonderful aromatics, visually stimulating power point presentations, personal exercises, group activities and partner work, are all specifically designed to deepen your experience and offer a framework for success-full living and wellbeing.

Prepare to be delighted by this training experience! Engaging, stimulating and thought provoking presentations use Accelerated Learning and NLP principles to create a beautiful experiential learning environment that is safe, fun, respectful and above all wholehearted.

Your experience of the work will be a process of self-discovery which involves shining a light on your inner awareness so that indeed your heart can truly blossom. When we live from a place of possibility we can transform our lives in so many ways. Inspiration comes from everywhere and the power of essential oils and positive thinking open us to life’s potential.

You will leave at the close of each workshop with your heart full, feeling connected, peaceful and quietly confident with a set of unique and elegant skills to use out in the wider world.

All 60 essential oils from The Blossoming Heart 3rd edition are available for use in the workshops.

A certificate of attendance is given at the close of each workshop.  All of the hours count towards Continuing Education Points. AK One, AK Two and AK Three are allocated 24 hours for each workshop.

Founded in 1992, Aromatic Kinesiology has grown to be recognised for its emphasis on gentle yet powerful heart-work and personal development. Aromatic Kinesiology  offers a unique approach exploring aromatherapy from an emotional perspective. The workshops focus on the development of beliefs, skills and emotional openness that lead to a successful, joyful and loving life.

There is an opportunity to become certified as an Aromatic Kinesiology Facilitator if you wish to go down that path.

A growing number of beautiful souls around the world are now doing their Aromatic Kinesiology Certification.

For those desiring to undertake the AK certification process you can be begin after attending AK One.

The AK Certification process includes questions, projects and 20 case studies divided between the three AK workshops.

Once you have been assessed for AK One, you can then move on to either AK Two or AK Three, depending on which of those workshops you attended first.

After attending Aromatic Kinesiology level One – The Path of Beauty, you can continue your aromatic journey by attending either AK 2 or AK 3.

Once your assessment of AK One, AK Two or AK Three has been reviewed, you will be sent a certificate of proficiency for that specific level.

Upon completion of assessment of all three levels, you will receive a final 4th certificate recognising you as an Aromatic Kinesiology Facilitator.

A good time frame to aim for the completion of all assessments to obtain AK Facilitator status is approximately 18 months while it is still fresh in your mind and heart.

The assessment fee for each AK Level is AUD $195.

Start your AK  certification process, by paying the AK One certification fee of AUD $195

On receipt of this payment, you will be sent the Aromatic Kinesiology One assessment.

The assessment fee can be paid by clicking this link.

Please note that becoming certified as an AK Facilitator does not grant licence to teach Aromatic Kinesiology.

Together we are creating a beautiful standard for Aromatic Kinesiology, offering a safe and gentle space for change, allowing heart centred flow for yourself and those people whose lives you touch. Everyday!

A growing number of beautiful souls around the world are now doing their Aromatic Kinesiology Certification, which in addition to the workshops involves case studies and a written exam.

Our stories are at the very heart of what we experience, explore and celebrate during each Aromatic Kinesiology® workshop.

Stories and narratives are a part of life and always in the background of everyday conversations. The stories we tell ourselves reflect our hidden inner world and shape the decisions we make and the actions we take. Stories can provide a powerful context for creating meaning about our lives and act as a bridge from what holds us back, to moving towards what we really want.

The Blossoming Heart and Aromatic Kinesiology® workshops largely speak to the part of the self that is ready to unfold. This stirring of the soul is always motivated from within and is the basis for growth, development and evolution. Lasting transformation always evolves from deeper changes within and is influenced by the age-old technologies of collective integrity and wisdom.

Essential oils are such strengthening companions for the healing journey. The most primal part of the brain, the limbic system, or what is referred to as the ‘emotional brain’, responds to aromas in an instinctive way.

Research has shown that there is a direct link between the heart and the limbic system and that the heart has its own intelligence. The heart responds to messages sent to it from the emotional brain and then calls on the brain to make appropriate responses.

When the pathway between the heart and brain is clear, our resistance to change is lessened, encouraging a movement towards all that is whole.

It takes courage to explore the feelings and the various events that have been recorded in the abundant library of the sub-conscious mind. Everything we have ever experienced is documented there.

My experience with essential oils has shown me over and over again, that the emotional brain and the heart are quietly influenced by fragrance. When an aroma is linked with The Essential Oil Reflections the heart-light simply switches on and stays that way – shining and bright.

Words can heal and new stories will be created as you change the quality of your internal communications. Kind and loving words to yourself do have an impact and one positive story can change your life for the better.

Kind Words